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“Thank you for all your hard work at Hardwick Farm Barns. The finished product has been very well received and I am very pleased with the look we have achieved together as a team. Your early work on creating workable, usable, layouts within the confines of old barn structures has been particularly successful and has certainly added value. We were very keen to avoid the mistakes seen on many 80’s conversions and your use of glass and timber in existing openings coupled with interior layouts has worked very well. The difficult to please Local authority conservation architect was much happier with your designs than those we inherited, this contributed to grant of consent for a 5th unit which you obtained for us. When he toured the finished product recently, he was very complementary about how the character of the barns had been kept, which I hope will help us with future planning / listed building applications.

Finally your drawings were very comprehensive and have been commented on by a number of contractors on site. The usual grumble is that Architects don’t provide enough information, yours were so comprehensive we actually had people saying there was almost too much ! definitely the best way to be

Thanks again, I look forward to your attention to detail and contemporary design flair on our next project.”

“We engaged Ben in late 2014 to give us some ideas about an extension we had been thinking about for some time. We had no firm ideas other than we needed space, were concerned about light and wanted to extend as sympathetically as possible with the rest of the 1930’s house. We had seen Ben’s work at another site nearby which prompted us to invite him to advise us

Ben understood our needs exactly and produced drawings that completely met our objectives. Very little changed from his original plans to the final drawings for the build.

As well as preparing the drawings we engaged Ben to manage the project from builder selection through to final sign off.

Throughout the process Ben was on hand to discuss any issues that arose from us, or the builder and we met regularly to review progress and agree any additions or amendments to the plans. Ben dealt with us,and the builder in a very professional and knowledgeable way and all issues were resolved promptly and with agreement from all parties. The build took the best part of 6 months and was completed on time and to budget despite the work commencing in late November.

We have been delighted with the work and the changes it has made to the way we live in the house. We have a light and spacious living area which although very modern fits in perfectly with the original traditional building in our view.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Ben to anyone undertaking a large project such as ours. His vision in the first instance to create the space exceeded out initial expectations of the build and the whole project was carried out very professionally and efficiently.”